France Ireland Chamber of Commerce wins prestigious award for Best Performing Small Chamber 2024!

Léa Biagi, Cliona McGowan, Aine Murray, Manon Bernard

At this year’s annual CCI France International meeting held over five days in Paris and Marseille, the FICC were honoured with the award for best performing small chamber.

This prestigious accolade is awarded by the CCIFI network to recognise the top-performing chambers from amongst the 118 chambers around the world, with a small number of awards in key categories.

The France Ireland Chamber of Commerce were represented by Chamber President Áine Murray and by Chamber Director Cliona Mc Gowan.

“We are very proud to accept this award for the first time in our 16 years as part of the CCIFI network. It is the culmination of a number of years of hard work and testimony to the efforts of the team, both past and present.

Huge congratulations to Cliona, Léa and the current stagiaires team all of whom played their part in driving the chamber forward with enthusiasm, commitment and dedication and to Áine for her leadership and unwavering support as President.

We are also most grateful to our Council Directors, Patrons, Executive Team and members who volunteer their time, resources and expertise to the benefit of the Chamber, not just through their contribution to our governing Council but often through their additional contributions to our committees, working groups, meetings and events.

It is also credit to the extremely strong working relationships we have with all the members of Team France in Ireland - the Embassy and Consular Teams, Business France, FrenchTech Dublin, CCE Irlande, Alliance Française; and all of Team Ireland in France. 

This award is for everyone, well done and thank you all.”

Award background.

The CCIFI stated that this was in recognition of a number of criteria including: 

  • The ratio of revenue per employee - the 5th highest in the worldwide network of CCIFI chambers in 2023
  • The investment in new offices and the success of the VIE Hébergement services.
  • The milestone of the most successful Business Awards to date in Novemeber 2023. 
  • The behind the scenes hard work undertaken by the FICC Council in terms of how we are monitoring and continually improving our own performance as a chamber: with the working groups, Finance Committee, PR Committee., Strategy Team all playing their part.
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