JCDecaux – 15 years of the brand in Ireland

JCDecaux entered the outdoor marketplace in Ireland in 1999 with the acquisition of the billboard company David Allen.  Already a well-established brand in the rest of Europe, JCDecaux had a reputation for quality and was recognised as the inventor of the ‘advertising in exchange for public service’ model when they introduced the first bus shelters incorporating advertising in 1964.  The JCDecaux brand began appearing on-street across the 32 counties in 2001 with the rebranding and upgrading of their billboard portfolio with modern Norman Foster designed mouldings.

The business in Ireland has changed significantly since 2001. In 2004 JCDecaux won the first LUAS advertising contract and retained it in 2007 and 2015.  In 2008 Dublin City Council appointed them to provide amenities for the city, including the highly acclaimed Coca-Cola Zero dublinbikes scheme in return for advertising displays.  This bike share model evolved directly from the advertising in exchange for public service model first developed by JCDecaux in 1964. With over 15 million journeys since launch Coca-Cola Zero dublinbikes is recognised as one of the most successful bike share schemes world-wide. 

In 2014 JCDecaux began building a digital out of home retail network.  They now have 10 shopping centres countrywide delivering an audience of over 2.5 million shoppers per fortnight.  Digital out of home allows advertisers the opportunity to change animated ads in real time and demand from clients has been strong.  As a result JCDecaux are planning further investment in this area.

Joanne Grant, Managing Director JCDecaux Ireland said "JCDecaux Ireland are extremely proud to reach this milestone. Over the past 15 years we have seen many improvements in our industry and JCDecaux has made a significant contribution in this regard. It is an exciting time for our medium with the growth of digital outdoor, increased investment in quality products and emerging new technologies. We look forward to the next 15 years working with our partners and clients to deliver outstanding out of home advertising."

Key figures for JCDecaux (Worldwide)
- 2015 revenue: €3,208m
- JCDecaux is listed on the Eurolist of Euronext Paris and is part of the Euronext 100 index
- JCDecaux is part of the FTSE4Good index
- N°1 worldwide in street furniture (524,580 advertising panels)
- N°1 worldwide in transport advertising with more than 230 airports and 280 contracts in metros, buses, trains and tramways (395,770 advertising panels)
- N°1 in Europe for billboards (177,760 advertising panels)
- N°1 in outdoor advertising in Europe (731,390 advertising panels)
- N°1 in outdoor advertising in Asia-Pacific (236,760 advertising panels)
- N°1 in outdoor advertising in Latin America (62,860 advertising panels)
- N°1 in outdoor advertising in Africa (32,840 advertising panels)
- N°1 in outdoor advertising in the Middle-East (16,280 advertising panels)
- N°1 worldwide for self-service bicycle hire: pioneer in eco-friendly mobility
- 1,129,410 advertising panels in more than 75 countries
- Present in 4,435 cities with more than 10,000 inhabitants
- Daily audience: more than 390 million people
- 12,850 employees

For further information please contact pr(@)jcdecaux.ie or visit the website here

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