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New Members July/August 2021

Vodafone Ireland

Vodafone is Ireland’s number one total communications provider with over 2.3 million customers. It has been the single biggest investor in new technology in the Irish telecoms industry, with more over €1.5 billion spent building and enhancing its network - across fixed mobile and broadband. As a business, it prides itself on operating at the cutting edge of technology, continuously being first to market with transformational innovations such as 3G, 4G and 5G. Through its ESB joint venture, SIRO, Vodafone has continued to build towards its ambition of connecting 50 towns in Ireland with high speed, future proofed, fibre broadband. Vodafone remains firmly focused on its strategic priorities of driving connectivity for homes, businesses and communities right across Ireland – supported by its 800 staff in Vodafone HQ and nearly 2,000 staff nationwide.

Seagull Institute

We help young professionals, entrepreneurs and students soar to their highest potential through highly impactful cross cultural educational experiences, personal development seminars and academic programs in Dublin (Ireland), Paris (France), Chicago (USA) and Montreal (Canada). We instill in our clients the drive, passion and Can-Do Attitude needed to strive in the global business world.

We welcome hundreds of students in Dublin every year and tour cutting edge organizations. We are always looking for speakers and companies to visit to inspire our students for their future career.
If you are looking to recruit interns or young professionals with Masters and Bachelors' Degree in the fields of Marketing, Communications, Supply Chain Management, Purchasing, E-commerce and Digital Marketing, feel free to reach out to us at jonathan(@)

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