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Data Cash Solution


Regulation is an opportunity. Many companies suffer a lot from regulations, while these are an opportunity to get to know the data (for GDPR) or to get to know the processes and customers (on financial regulations). After 14 years of experience on these subjects, I was able to obtain the associated certifications (AFNOR/CNIL certified DPO, Black Belt lean six sigma, executive MBA). Now I want to help companies to have a "value added compliance". Regulations, and GDPR, should no longer be seen as a constraint but as an opportunity. This is completely compatible, since we will have a better knowledge of data (business impact and process), better database management (gain of infra and process), in the service of the client's contractual performance and business development.

The services offered by Data Cash Solution are :

- A certified external DPO service - in its advisory role with a business gain vision

- Audits / inventories by a certified DPO and identification of business gains

- Compliance and implementation assistance missions, monitored by a certified DPO, always with a business vision and added value.

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