Rapport d’Activité 2023 – CCI France International

The France Ireland Chamber of Commerce (referred to as CCI Irlande) is an active member of the network of 118 CCI FI worldwide.

This report, which covers the activities of the entire network in 2023, presents a summary of the key achievements of the network that reflect an ever developing and successful business ecosystem.

You can access the full report here – available in French only.


Arnaud Vaissié, President of CCI France International, summarises the key points as follows:

"After demonstrating its strong resilience during the challenging years of the COVID-19 pandemic, the network achieved a spectacular recovery in just two years. We are no longer in a  phase of recovery but rather in a phase of strong growth. Indeed, we are concluding 2023 with a consolidated turnover of 80.5 million euros, a 15.3% increase compared to 2022.

It should be noted that services, including training, account for more than 43 million euros of this total, representing 53% of the turnover. A significant portion of this is attributed to the "Le Booster" offering, which encompasses business hosting and all services related to their establishment and commercial development in the target country.

This growth reflects the dynamism and strength of our organisation, of which we can be collectively very proud, given our operating conditions and the fact that we are still 99.3% self-financed.

Our business communities are also growing stronger, with over a thousand additional members in 2023, bringing the total to 35,416 members. These companies benefit from our chambers' intense networking activity (with more than 4,600 events organised and 560 sectoral committees active in 64 countries). These achievements are particularly encouraging and promising for the development and sustainability of our network.

In this report, it is useful to recall the diversity of situations faced by our Chambers. Some are still seeking their economic model and growth levers in markets where the French presence is less significant. Others are located in countries experiencing severe economic, political or security turbulence, sometimes for many years.

Overall, our chambers know how to withstand difficulties wherever they arise, fully playing their role within their business communities. The quality of the work done daily deserves to be commended and I take this opportunity to warmly thank the elected officials and the teams of our Chambers for their unwavering commitment and dynamism.

Finally, I would like to thank our members for their involvement and loyalty, as well as our clients and our public and private partners, who trust us and seek our services more each year."


Download RAC_2023_01.pdf  (PDF • 26 MB)
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