The French Connection - the Ambassador's 19th Century House with 20 Rooms

There has always been a love affair between the Irish and the French,especially on the Irish side. We consider everything French to be the epitome of glamour: French couture, French cuisine, Champagne — no Italian Prosecco or Spanish cava will ever beat the fizz of France.


Yes, we love all things French, and we’ve embraced those we can afford.

Fifty years ago, we didn’t have croissants with our coffee, now, for many, they’re de rigueur; a weekend ritual.

In fairness, the French have been generous in response — apart, perhaps, from Thierry Henry and that goal. They did, after all, come to our aid during the Rebellion of 1798, until the winds which brought them here changed and blew them back home again.

Once more, winds of change are bringing the Irish and French closer, as Britain, with Brexit looming, seems set to abandon its former friend.


The Ambassador of France in Ireland, His Excellency Stephane Crouzat, appointed in June 2017, is very enthused about creating greater links between Ireland and France, especially in light of Brexit. “It’s a complicated issue. We’d rather it never happened. But now that it is, in all probability, happening, it does open up opportunities for our two countries. Geographically, France will be Ireland’s closest European neighbour,” he says, adding, “It’s an exciting time. It’s not really business as usual; we have to rethink our bilateral relationship.”

At a time when clear communication between countries is so important, it’s good to have such a fluent and eloquent  envoy from France. Stephane is  passionate about work as a diplomat in general. “It’s the variety that is so exciting,” he says. “You’re working on bilateral issues, working in different countries, in very different settings; that keeps the mind active.” And he’s equally fired up about his role as ambassador to Ireland in particular. “It’s important to show our solidarity with Ireland on the Brexit issue, how important it is to keep a seamless border,” he says. “We want to make this happen, we want a very close-knit group of 27 countries.”



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