Discover France

France: A Wonderful Country

Imagine a country with millennial history, language with global influence, marvelous arts, literature of absolute fertility. Imagine a country with a thousand terroirs, 800 cheeses.


Think about all this and do not forget to say that even today, in a world of almost 8 billion people, this small, tiny country of 67 million people is one of the 5 most important nations in the world,

  • that it masters all the technologies (even if sometimes it is difficult),
  • that its mathematicians are snatching up with gold prices in the whole world,
  • its engineers are capable of technological prowess,
  • its inventiveness and its overflowing creativity
  • and even having said all that, I have not yet spoken exhaustively about France.

A story, a language, a culture, but also a form of genius offered to the world ... "

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