Neil BarrettGroup VP Corporate Responsibility, Sodexo

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I’m passionate about my work and role as Group VP Sustainable Development, Sodexo. The broad scope of my responsibilities and the diverse topics that present themselves daily, engage and enthuse me. I recognize the responsibility a company our size has to drive sustainability and to influence and encourage others. I acknowledge and accept this responsibility.

Sodexo’s fundamentals assist me in performing my job. A purposeful mission, largely unchanged since it was written in 1966 by our founder and current chairmen. A set of company values I believe in and try to live. For me these values are just as relevant outside of work.

As an employee, Sodexo supports me to experientially learn and grow. Sodexo invests in people development. I have benefited from Sodexo’s training and development commitment. It has always been purposeful and relevant. Ongoing careful talent selection, training and a focus on diversity means people I meet in our business inspire me. People who demonstrate great leadership skills, such as the person to whom I currently report.

My team, using influencing skills, empathy and persistence has significantly pushed our sustainability performance. This has helped maintain Sodexo as the global sustainability leader in our industry for almost 10 consecutive years. One day people will understand why this matters more than it does today. We have a saying around sustainable development in our business which is so diverse; "It's a huge challenge only surpassed by our determination to succeed."

I’ve been given wonderful opportunities during my career however most gratifying have been the roles which allowed me to mentor talented individuals. I also remain grateful to those who have mentored and encouraged me.

I've made some mistakes. These have been times of self-reflection. True learning experiences. I thank Sodexo for providing an entrepreneurial framework that provides personnel the opportunity to take measured risks. 

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