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Eire Eco - Janvier 2020

Vous trouverez ci-dessous le point sur la situation économique irlandaise du mois de janvier 2020.

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France Means Business!

"You have a lot of ambition for your business, I have a lot of ambition for my country. Let’s see how we can do more together: have better innovation...

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Prepare for Brexit

The French Government has published a document with key points that companies should focus on in order to be ready for all possible scenarios post...

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Food Firms Look to Europe

Next week, a record number of Irish firms will showcase at the world’s biggest food fair, in Paris, to diversify into new markets following Brexit. ...

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Synthèse Economique Mensuelle Irlande - Septembre 2018

Macroéconomie Croissance du PIB – La croissance du PIB irlandais demeure soutenue au deuxième trimestre 2018, s’établissant à +2,5% en g.t. cvs...

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