SME & Entrepreneurs WG - "Le NETwork"

Le Network" is a monthly meeting for SME Directors, Senior Managers, Business Owners, and Consultants aimed at enhancing business connections. It emphasizes creating a strong platform to support entrepreneurship, foster business relationships, and prioritise business generation, while assisting new businesses to grow and integrate within the Chamber and its network.

Meetings are held once per month at the offices of one of our Patron or Corporate members.

There are normally 20 SMEs and Entrepreneurs at each meeting. Launched in 2014, Le NETwork has organised 52 meetings in 40 different venues to date, including 8 meetings in 2020, celebrating 10 years this year!


Mark Kenna, Consultant, Qudos

Steering Committee

Fabrice Folliot, Co-Founder & Director, En Route Consulting

Tom Shinkwin, Partner, Enterprise Equity VC

Contact FICC 

Léa Biagi, 00353.(0)1 644 9760,

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