The Internship Conundrum

​​​Internships serve as invaluable bridges between academic learning and real-world application. They offer students and graduates hands-on experience, exposure to industry practices, and networking opportunities crucial for professional growth. Despite their significance, many businesses in Ireland remain hesitant about offering internships. This lack of awareness stems from various factors, including misconceptions about the concept, concerns about resource allocation, and bureaucratic hurdles.

Short-Term Internships - A Rarity 

Short-term internships, typically lasting a few weeks to a couple of months, are especially rare in Ireland. These condensed programs provide intensive learning experiences but are challenging to find due to limited availability. Businesses often prioritise longer internship durations, assuming they yield more substantial benefits. 

Accommodation Issues in Ireland

Dublin, as Ireland's economic hub, attracts numerous students and professionals seeking career opportunities. However, the city's popularity has led to a housing crisis, making accommodation unaffordable and scarce, particularly for interns and entry-level workers. We observe the same situation in other big cities like Cork and Galway. High rent prices and competition exacerbate the challenges, forcing many to commute long distances or compromise on living standards. The accommodation problem poses a significant barrier for interns, limiting their ability to pursue opportunities in Dublin and hindering the city's overall talent retention and growth.

Our Advice

While we understand the urgency of the matter, it's important to note that due to limitations in resources, we are not currently in a position to offer internships from our member companies. We do not share our list or contacts, nor do we transfer resumes. Nevertheless, we remain committed to advocating for systemic changes that promote internship accessibility and address accommodation issues, fostering a brighter future for all aspiring professionals.

Our advice is to look for the companies or sectors you're interested in on LinkedIn and to contact their HR person directly. Alternatively, you can visit these companies' websites and check their employment page. You can also check out Eazycity for work placements.
By taking proactive steps and leveraging available resources, you can increase your chances of securing valuable internship opportunities and advancing your career aspirations. 

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