Expleo launches €1m global AI centre of excellence in Ireland

Expleo, an engineering, technology and consulting service provider, has announced the investment of €1m in a new global AI centre of excellence.

The hub will help businesses adopt artificial intelligence (AI) and emerging technologies.

The centre of excellence will have its central hubs in Expleo's Dublin and Belfast HQs and will serve companies worldwide focusing on areas including generative AI, fraud detection, predictive analytics and quality assurance, as well as promoting ethical AI practices both internally and externally.

It will involve over 380 experts offering training programmes, mentorship opportunities and initiatives aimed at developing the next generation of AI leaders.

"The time to embrace AI is here, but there is currently a blank space in the AI landscape because businesses simply don’t know where to start," said Rebecca Keenan, Global Head of Intelligent Automation, Expleo.

"The launch of our AI Centre of Excellence hopes to fill in this gap and give organisations a jumping-off point for their AI journeys," Ms Keenan said.



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