Ireland ranked among the best in Europe for wages

Ireland offers some of the highest wages in Europe, according to a new report that covers living standards in 18 countries.

The study, which was conducted on behalf of the careers website Glassdoor, ranks Ireland fourth in terms of average nominal wages at €50,000 per annum. This put it behind Switzerland at €72,000, Norway at €61,000 and Denmark at €56,000 in a survey which ranked Greece last with nominal wages of €18,500 a year.

However, on a ‘purchasing power parity’ basis, which takes into account differences in relative prices within countries, so as to estimate how much money would be needed to buy goods and services in each nation, Ireland is ranked second at around €40,000.

A standard of living sub-index that measures the gap between take-home pay and price levels, ranks Ireland 8th in Europe in a poll topped by Switzerland, Denmark and Germany.

In terms of city living, Dublin is ranked 8th in Europe in a ranking which puts Geneva and Zurich in first and second place respectively with a cost of living that is the highest in Europe and higher than New York.


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