Our members AXA and Renault provide free insured cars for healthcare workers returning from overseas

AXA Insurance and Renault are providing complimentary cars and motor insurance for the next two months for doctors and nurses returning from overseas to support the HSE during the Covid-19 crisis

The only requirement from the medics is that they are Irish citizens, that they have proof of the fact that they have returned home to support the national response to the pandemic, and that they have a full driver’s licence.

Hundreds of doctors, nurses and healthcare workers have answered ‘Ireland’s Call’ and returned to Ireland to aid their country through its outbreak.

Renault have seen 174 applicants for the scheme so far.

They are the latest companies to say thanks to frontline healthcare staff during the coronavirus.


Speaking today, Antoinette McDonald, Director at AXA said: “Our frontline Doctors, Nurses and support staff have inspired the whole country and none more so than the many doctors and nurses now returning from as far away as Australia to help the national Covid-19 effort.

“We want to help these men and women get organised with practical things like cars and insurance as they prepare to return to hospitals around the country and this is the most practical way in which we can help.”

Country Operations Director for Renault Group Ireland, Paddy Magee said: “We as a nation are so grateful to all those working on the frontline treating patients and helping to combat the horrors of Covid-19.

“It shows real courage to come home from overseas to help us fight the battle and we really appreciate what these returning doctors and nurses are doing.

“We hope that supplying cars to these frontline medical staff will help to make their commutes to and from work a little easier and less stressful, and we and our dealer network are delighted to be of assistance in some small way.”


Meanwhile, the Irish Government has paid tribute to essential workers throughout the coronavirus health crisis.

Liz Canavan, assistant secretary general at the Department of the Taoiseach, thanked people working in the food industry and hauliers, as well as those working in keeping infrastructure safe, including electricity, gas, water and waste.

She also paid tribute to farmers and those working in the retail industry.

Liz said: “We all know that everyone working in the health service both public and private have a critical role to play in the national management of the disease.

“However we also recognise the many many other workers who are also vital in keeping food on our tables, medicines and medical equipment in pharmacies and shops.

“Those ensuring our critical infrastructure is safe, electricity, gas, water, waste, transport, information and communications technology and repair and maintenance and other critical construction projects.

“Those working to keep our supply chains open and those within those supply chains from farmers and agricultural sectors, ferry staff, hauler, drivers and delivery people, essential retail workers.

“Those working in manufacturing and distribution of essential goods.

“Those keeping our banks, credit unions and post offices open.

“The people behind the scenes keeping all those people paid, keeping workplaces clean, getting essential workers to work and ensuring social welfare and other payments are made to keep the country moving within the restrictions.

“A thank you also to all the workers who have been re-deployed from their usual jobs to pitch in where essential services need their support.”

For more information on the scheme: https://covidcarcover.com/

Source: The Irish Sun

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