Special Awards winners: Valued, and empowered, employees

Some firms push the boat out to make their workplace work – and merit special awards

AbbVie Ireland – Time to Talk 
Following its foundation in 2013, research-based pharmaceutical AbbVie implemented the AbbVie Talent Philosophy and Time to Talk process to raise the bar each year by differentiating performance. Individual leadership and accountability is driven through a leadership behaviours programme. In turn, the performance of each employee is supported through Time To Talk. Staff are encouraged to own their career, development and “personal brand”. Feedback is frequent, non-bureaucratic and collaborative. Practices such as 10:10 feedback (a 20-minute discussion where each person highlights their issues in 10 minutes) were devised. The key takeaway tip is: it takes a powerful force to drive a new culture and each person plays a part in that.

Lidl – Senior Leadership Engagement in Change Process
In pursuit of becoming a Great Place to Work, and as part of a change management programme, Lidl had a Dragon’s Den-style senior leadership brainstorming workshop, to break down the results of the latest GPTW pulse survey and propose solutions. The Culture Change Team hosted a fun, interactive session where teams competed to pitch their own solutions. Each team devised a solution within a time limit and pitched to a group of directors and senior leaders. Of the five pitches, three were chosen and are now being rolled out.  This was a dynamic and engaging way to work as a team to find workable solutions. Footage was distributed to all attendees as a reminder of the key lessons and to embed the findings of the exercise.

Laya Healthcare – Mental Health Strategy
Laya views both physical and mental health and wellbeing as joint and equal priorities and in 2015, it launched a new mental health internal programme. This aimed to start a conversation around mental health in the workplace, reduce stigma, raise awareness of signs and symptoms, and provide tools and resources for staff. Four key pillars are: education on awareness, support and prevention; physical activity; minding each other; and creating an open culture to accept and discuss mental health. The HR and occupational health departments organised events including a guest speaker, a mind score survey and a Break the Cycle bike challenge to roll out the programme, building on 2014’s campaign Think Well, Live Well and Be Well.

Crédit Agricole Credit Insurance – Digitalisation Project
Crédit Agricole group aims to use new tools and share ways of working, called Culture Digitale, which Dublin leads for the whole of CACI. It disseminates digital practice across the group, including ongoing feedback for Gen Y/Z, a growing demographic in the company. It established a new seminar format where participants exchange app messages before, during and after the meeting and to ask questions during presentations. Poll results are published live during the seminar, making it very lively and active. Material, ideas, Q&As and opinions were recorded as a road map for next year.

Great Place To Work Ambassador – Paul Candon, Topaz 
Some individuals within the Great Place to Work community go above and beyond in helping peers in other organisations to understand how they can create better workplaces – by sharing experiences and advice, and facilitating on-site visits. While Topaz has had significant organisational change over the past few years, Paul Candon has been committed to building a high trust culture for all Topaz employees. Paul is the 2016 Great Place To Work Ambassador.

Great Place To Work Team – Dun & Bradstreet 
Founded in 2011, the business information specialists’ Evolve Team has a mission to create an inspirational culture in its Irish business. It consistently promotes innovation, improves the quality and content of leadership communication, and injects a sense of fun into the daily rhythms of work. Team membership rotates to maintain enthusiasm and sustainability. It’s a role model for how a company can harness the talents of engaged and committed staff. The 2016 Great Place To Work Team Award is a testament to its ongoing achievement.

Photo: Dun & Bradstreet’s Evolve team (from back): Dwane O’Sullivan, Emma Tynan, Matt Lowe, David Long, Eoin Doyle, Anne Kearney, Kate O’Kane, Rebecca Newsome, Kevin D’Arcy, Rachel McGrane, Sarah Winton and Inge van de Wetering

 Source: www.irishtimes.com

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