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As a member of the France Ireland Chamber of Commerce, you benefit from the advantages of the Member2Member Offers (reduced rates on services, shops, free meetings, etc.) in Ireland.

The aim is to strengthen the links between our members and facilitate business synergies within our membership community


List of Privileges

Agence Museo Privilege

Take advantage of several discounts for the purchase of l’Irlande des Poètes and/or Wild Atlantic Way, l’Irlande Sauvage in their bilingual version.



4Securitas Privilege

For the duration of the COVID-19 crisis, 4Securitas is offering their cybersecurity software, for free to FICC members only.


Transport, logistic & relocation

Petit Forestier Privilege

Take advantage of a 30% discount on the rental of a refrigerated lorry for a day or a weekend.

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