Reserved for membersExclusive advantages and privileges

Fine foods, hospitality, leisure and other services


Get Involved in our Member2Member Offers

MAKE a special offer to our 170+ fellow members...

PROMOTE your company on our website for free...

HELP create more synergies within the Franco-Irish Business Community!


As a member of the France Ireland Chamber of Commerce, you benefit from the advantages of the Member2Member Offers (reduced rates on services, shops, free meetings, etc.) in Ireland.

The aim is to strengthen the links between our members and facilitate business synergies within our membership community


List of Privileges


Mazars Privilege

Get a first meeting for FREE that include high-level advice on main questions on overseas expansion


Transport, logistic & relocationServices

AXA Insurance Privilege

Get 10% saving* from AXA Insurance on their car insurance policy



A&L Goodbody Privilege

Discuss the potential opportunities in Ireland, or indeed setting up operations in France

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