e-dublinbikes are NOW available!

From 30th March 800 hybrid electric bikes will form part of the total fleet of 1,600.

e-dublinbikes offer motorised pedal assistance when cycling up hills or against headwinds, making them a great option for commuters and anyone who wants to get around town with minimum effort and without having to work up a sweat. They are also a good alternative for people who may find it challenging to cycle on a traditional bike.

e-dublinbikes can also be operated as a regular pedal bike when the personal battery is not inserted, so you do not have to have an e-dublinbikes subscription to use one. Currently e-dublinbikes do not allow temporary locking between stations, if you plan to make a short stop on your journey please select a regular NOW dublinbike and use the tethering cable lock. A temporary locking system will be made available on e-dublinbikes later this year.


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