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New combined ferry and train ticket for Ireland and France aims to encourage flight-free travel

A great option for those looking for a more environmentally friendly way to travel.

A new combined train and ferry ticket to be launched this year aims to make it easier to travel between France and Ireland.

French and Irish authorities have announced the launch of a ticket which can be used in both countries, for both modes of transport.

Following a meeting in November of last year, French president Emmanuel Macron and Taoiseach at the time Micheál Martin said they hoped the new ticket would promote travel between Ireland and France in a sustainable and simple way, at a reasonable price. In a statement, the pair said they hoped young people in particular would avail of the ticket.

The new ticket is likely to be offered in a similar format to the current Franco-German scheme, which offers discounts on trains between France and Germany for young people.

The combined train and ferry ticket is the latest in a series of European initiatives to encourage more travellers to opt out of flying.

Across the continent, a series of new sleeper trains have been announced for 2023 - allowing people to travel through the night on high-speed trains rather than flying to their destination. The new routes aim to cross-country train travel more convenient and cost-effective, as well as sustainable.

The new ferry and train ticket between Ireland and France should be available from this summer onwards.


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