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New Members - September 2018

The National Concert Hall sits proudly on Earlsfort Terrace in Dublin’s city centre and is home to the RTÉ National Symphony Orchestra, Chamber Choir Ireland, Irish Baroque Orchestra, Music Network and Music Generation. Next door to the picturesque Iveagh Gardens and in the heart of a commercial district known as the National Concert Hall Quarter, it hosts over 1000 events per annum. Its mission, to foster and celebrate the appreciation, knowledge, enjoyment and pure love of music as an integral part of Irish life.

Visitors are inspired by the world class performances on our stages, and can equally experience and enjoy our iconic building through tours, early breakfast, afternoon tea or simply, quiet inspiration from walking through the Iveagh Gardens.

When our refurbishment plans are complete, the National Concert Hall will be a truly national centre for music, curating music projects for all audiences and for the nation. Our much loved Main Auditorium, where icons from the last 35 years have performed and brought a special magic to our building, has now become outdated and in need of enhancement. Our public spaces will be transformed to make them more welcoming, more comforting and more accessible. We will have enhanced dining experiences for whatever the occasion, and a wider variety of choice for the public. Above all, our refurbishment will ensure a world class experience for all visitors.

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Ruadhán Cooke is a Lecturer in French at the National University of Ireland, Galway and academic director of the Bachelor of Commerce with French degree programme. He is academic supervisor of the Erasmus+ year abroad in 6 partner institutions in France and is also an area coordinator of the Paris Chamber of Commerce & Industry’s Diploma in French for Specific Purposes exams.

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