Resilience and Recovery 2020-2021: Plan for Living with COVID-19

Ireland is moving from a short-term emergency response approach to a medium-term approach to managing risk and repairing the damage that COVID-19 has inflicted on society.

A Framework for Restrictive Measures has been developed to help us to go about our daily lives as much as possible, while managing the behaviour of the virus.

Current status

Ireland is at Level 5 - see the full range of measures.

The Framework consists of 5 levels.

The lower levels of the framework will be activated when there is low incidence of the disease, with isolated outbreaks, low community transmission. The higher levels will be used to deal with higher incidences of the disease.

It will be possible for different regions and counties to be at a different level to the national level, depending on the incidence of the virus in that particular region or county.

At all times the priority guiding the plan will be to keep our schools open, while keeping people safe and protecting the resilience of our economy and communities.



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